About Sopie Ssaem

My name is Sophie. Some call me Soo Yeon.


But now I'm known as Sopie Ssaem. And I'm the Founder of Modu Korean.

This is my story.


I very accidentally started Modu Korean, when I fell down the beautiful rabbit hole of BTS.

I couldn’t help but sympathise for non-Korean fans knowing they were missing out on the underlying humour and cultural nuances that subtitles couldn’t possibly encapsulate.

Now that I think about it – all the small things throughout my life, has added up to bring me here today. Shall I call it fate?

Korean by heritage, my personal life is completely immersed in it. Eating Korean food, consuming Korean media, and speaking Korean to friends and family. Yet externally, I’ve lived my entire life in a Western country.

 When people asked me “Where are you from?” – I would have no idea how to answer this question.

The arrow in my heart would be when Koreans would call me “not Korean” and westerners would call me “not Western”.
My entire life, I’d battled with this uncomfortable sense of cultural identity confusion – I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere.

As I started teaching Korean to my beautiful students, I realised that what I thought was a lack of cultural identity, was actually my unique ability to switch between the two worlds.


I live a double life and I am blessed to be able to do so.

And that is my mission – to help as many people, also be able to live a double, triple (quadruple?) life. Because that’s what learning a language does – it opens the doors to a world new world.

Join me and experience it yourself.

Across the 2 years of business, we've now taught over 600 students, across 8 different countries.

I am also a tier-1 qualified Interpreter and Translator with the ITT (International Interpretation & Translation Association of Korea).

Future Korean-speaking-you, will thank you for it.

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