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Modu means "everyone" in Korean – which aligns with who we believe can learn a new language.


Everyone CAN, not everyone WILL.

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Language isn’t just about words – it’s an expression of culture, traditions, personality and life.

Which is why if you’ve tried to learn through apps, textbooks or Youtube – you would’ve found that you are still not able to understand your favourite Korean drama or that Instagram story that your bias posted!


It can feel daunting and overwhelming to start.


  • "I haven't been a student in decades!"
  • "I've forgotten how studying works!"
  • "I didn't even do well in school, how can I learn a whole new language?!"

If you can relate to any of these statements, you're not alone. Surprisingly or unsuprisingly, currently 100% of our students are adults and about 90% are aged 30 and above and about 85% of them speak just one language (for now) - English.

We don't like grammatical jargon.


Like 'conjugation' or 'parenthesis'. Because... well, what the hell even are they first of all.

We just want to help our students speak Korean like us - a normal everyday person.

This is not an academic school.


Here's why our students are learning Korean!

Code of Conduct

Free from Discrimination

This is a safe space for everyone.

Everyone and anyone is welcome in the group despite any differences in background, culture, race, gender, personality or otherwise.

Free from Judgement

Please refrain from any discriminatory or judgmental acts/words that could make anyone feel uncomfortable. This can be subconscious, so please make sure you think before you act/speak.

No Toleration

Any member who does not abide by this code of conduct, will be given one warning and be promptly removed from the group if the actions continue.


No Compromises

If you are feeling uncomfortable because of another student or teacher, for whatever reason, please let us know for a confidential chat.

Speak Korean like a Native. Not a textbook.

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