K-Drama Club

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Hey K-Drama Fanatics,

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Unlike our normal lessons, this is not a classroom style lesson. The teacher faciitates discussions around cultural nuances and teaches interesting words and phrases but it's a completely stress-free style of learning Korean! 

First sessions start 1st July, applications close 26th June, limited spaces available.

You'll be able to choose your timeslot once you register.


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Casual learning

1.5 hrs, once a week, online. FIVE session times to choose from!

All sessions recorded and emailed out, so you never miss out.

Group Discussions

 Further discussions through exclusive FB group chat with all teachers and ‘viewers’ of the same drama. 

Share and discuss findings together and socialise with K-Drama lovers from all over theh world!


A week before your Club Meeting, your teacher will send out a worksheet with the words and cultural aspects that will be discussed that week.

You'll know exactly what to look for when you're watching.


Speak Korean like a Native, not a textbook.

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