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BTS is our Love Language (BOLL)

The EASIEST workbook to learn Korean.


  • No complex grammatical language so it's easy to read and understand!
  • BTS references so it's engaging and fun!
  • Direct comparison between English and Korean - this is possible because this was written by a native-English speaker

Complete Beginners

2023 version

  • 20 lessons across over 100 Pages
  • Basic of Korean Alphabet
  • Culture of Hierarchy and Respect
  • Pronouns and Titles
  • Verbs and Adjectives (present/past)
  • Introducing yourself
  • 30+ Activities and full answers
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Secondary Beginners


  • New and updated version released 1st April 2023!


Term 1

  • 20 Lesson Topics acrosss 114 pages
  • Particles: 의,에,에서,도,만,을/를,은/는,이가
  • How to order food and talk about different foods
  • Talking about the weather
  • Korean dialects - Busan, Gwangjoo 
  • 38+ Activities and answers
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Secondary Fundamentals

Term 1

  • New and updated version released 1st April 2023!
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FAQs on BOLL Workbooks

Speak Korean like a Native. Not a textbook.

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