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Complete Beginners (Jimin Group)
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How does it work?


  • Once a week, 1 or 1.5 hours
  • Online through MS Teams
  • All lessons are recorded so if you ever can't make it, you can watch a recorded instead!
Term 1 Timetable


  • Each level is two terms long, 10 weeks each term
  • 2-weeks between terms
  • Once you complete a level you will receive an official Certificate of Completion
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Extension Class

  • 30-mins interactive session, after the 1-hour class
  • Honing in on proper pronunciation of what was learnt in the lesson
  • Practising more examples


  1. Complete Beginners 
  2. Secondary Beginners
  3. Fundamentals
  4. Secondary Fundamentals
  5. Intermediate
  6. Secondary Intermediate

Each level is two terms long!

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Safe Space

  • Feeling shy?
    We have a 'Do not call out list' so you don't have to participate if you don't want to!
  • This is a safe space for everyone.
  • Read more about our Code of Conduct

Q&A Sessions

  • Free to all Modu Students
  • Get your homework checked, ask questions, practice sentences and revise
  • Every second Thursday 
  • Split into two levels
  • SecFund and above, 5.30pm-6.15pm
  • CompBeg-Fund, 6.15pm-7pm 

(syd time)

No pressure, only encouragement


Learning a language is a responsibility but shouldn't be pressure. That's why we don't believe in lock-in contracts. Ever.



We recommend coming to the live lessons (because we miss you) but when life gets in the way, you always have the recordings!

You can also switch between the Standard and the Essentials plan, week-by-week! Come to the extension classes if you have time that week.



Don't break the bank as you achieve your goals. There's an option for everyone.

Special Classes

Once a month, we learn about different aspects of the Korean culture, traditions, media, lifestyle and more! These classes will help you to understand more about the lives of Koreans compared to what we see and don't see on the media.

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Revision Classes

Need an extra hand on particular lesson topics? 

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FAQs about Group Classes

Speak Korean like a Native, not a textbook.

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