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Everything you need to learn and study Korean on your own.
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BTS Storybook

Hardcopy or PDF

Read BTS Stories in Korean, with full English translations and break down of all vocab!

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Weekly Korean worksheets

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Korean Workbooks

All levels of fluency - Learn Korean with BTS references

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Words used at Modu Korean

Free PDF of words used in lessons across all Beginners and Fundamentals level, broken down into Verbs, Adjective, Nouns.


All Levels
CompBeg - SecBeg
Fund - SecFund
Intermediate - IntSec

FREE Top 100 Korean Adjectives

For Beginners

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FREE Top 100 Basic Verbs

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Practice your Korean handwriting on your tablet or print it out!

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Free Hangeul Table

Free PDF of full list of the Korean alphabet, broken down into consonants, double consonants, vowels and combined vowels. Complete with tips and tricks on proper pronunciation.

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Free Korean Activity Sheets

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Sentence Structure Cheatsheet

Detailed steps and shortcut steps on how to easily translate ANY Korean sentence - download the FREE PDF.

Verbs Family Tree

Key phrases used in Classes

Here are some key phrases you will hear and use in Modu Korean classes!


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