Special Classes

Words only have meaning when you GIVE it meaning.


You need to understand the culture, traditions and lives of the people to fully understand the context of language.

Hence why subtitles on our K-Dramas just don't cut it.

Special classes are once a month on a Wednesday and suitable for students across all levels including complete beginners. We focus on a particular area of Korean culture and take a deep dive into how Koreans live, think and act.

All lessons are recorded and emailed out the morning after.


Coming Up

Food and Table Manners

  • How to be polite at the table in a formal situation (e.g. work-related)
  • How to be polite to staff at a Korean restaurant
  • Unspoken social rules when eating with friends and family (e.g. food sharing, who eats first and more)
  • How to properly eat Korean food! (E.g. kbbq, hot pots, side dishes etc)

This lesson is over now, but you can still watch the full recording!


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Past Topics

Dating Life

Part 2 - What does a real Korean relationship look like?

  • Why do couples wearing matching everything? (clothes, shoes, RINGS?)
  • What are the 'Love Celebrations'? (hint. it's not only Valentines day)
  • What is jealousy in dating?
  • How is Public Display of Affection (PDA) viewed in Korea?


Drinking Culture Part 2


In case you didn't know... Koreans love to drink!

  • So much in fact that there is a whole culture to it!
  • Learn the social rules about what you should and shouldn't do when drinking with Koreans!


Family Culture


Roles and responsibilities in the family

  • Relationship between siblings and parents
  • Extended family relationships



Dating Life


Part 1 - Is what you see in K-Drama real...?

  • Focusing on the early days of a romantic relationship
  • What are 'events'? (Rose petals beds, balloons in the car boot)
  • Important Anniversaries (100 days, 300 days)


Travelling to Korea


Part 1 - Cultural differences to know when travelling to Korea as a Westerner

  • How to navigate the public transport system
  • Restaurant Etiquette
  • Being street-smart and difference in basic cultural manners with the western world
  • Differences in the home/accomodation, what to know

Travelling to Korea


Part 2 - Food to eat and activities you can only do in Korea

  • Must-eat food and the best places to get it
  • Must-do activities, e.g. how to get into Kpop music shows!
  • Going out-out and clubbing!



Swearing in Korean


Learn from the best...? 

Unlike Western media, you will rarely ever hear swearing on Korean TV shows or K-Dramas and what fun is learning a new language without some good ole cursing!

This lesson is not for the faint-hearted! Learn how the everyday Korean swear!



Future Korean-speaking-you, will thank you for it.

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