BTS Story Book

Due to popular request,

BTS Stories are now coming in hard-copy!

Only 50 to be printed


First come, first serve - Orders open NOW!

Posted first week of May 2023.

Stop reading Korean folk tales and learning to speak Korean like you're 200 years-old.

With 50 different stories about BTS members, songs, and shows, written in colloquial Korean language.

This is how real Koreans speak daily.


This book includes:

  • Stories writtin in Hangeul
  • Full English translations
  • Breakdown of the vocab used
  • Use of everyday Korean slang
  • Explanation of cultural differences

PLUS! You will be able to hear these stories being read outloud through an online link, so you can follow-along.

Speak Korean like the Natives. Not the textbooks.

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